Our Story

Sistah’s Networking LLC was created in 2020, based on personal experiences of attending networking events in the past. Although most events were different in content, I realized there weren’t many “Women Only” Networking groups in my area. In 2017, I facilitated a networking group in Woodbridge, Virginia, and it was an awesome concept. The relationships and knowledge gained was indispensable. It was interactive; Business professionals came together to fellowship with other business owners, introduced their products and services and built relationships. By facilitating these events, I overcame my fear of public speaking and enjoyed meeting new people; Hosting these events gave me the idea of creating my own networking group.

Sistah’s Networking is a group of women who will come together virtually and in person to Motivate, Mentor, Encourage and build one another up. A group where knowledge can be shared on how to grow a business. A group that’s not just for women Entrepreneurs, but for any woman who has the Entrepreneurial spirit, and want to partner with positive women. Upon starting my Bookkeeping business in 2017, I had no guidance or mentorship. Sistah’s Networking is a platform designed to provide guidance. It will be a group where women can feel safe, and will be mentored in all areas of their lives. Early on in my Accounting career, I learned the value of mentorship. My vision for Sistah’s Networking, is to Motivate, Mentor, Encourage, Empower and Support one another and become successful Entrepreneurs.

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Mission Statement

Women coming together to Motivate, Mentor, Empower, Encourage and Support, (MMEES) one another. As members we will be Respectful Uplifting and Considerate of one another’s views and experiences. A safe place where Sistah’s grow, by building a sisterhood and helping each other succeed and get to the next level in their businesses.

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About the Founder

Cherie is the Chief Visionary Officer of Sistah’s Networking, LLC. She holds a Master’s Degree in Global Business Leadership, with a concentration in Accounting and a Bachelor’s Degree in Forensic Accounting. Cherie has 2 sons and 3 grandchildren and currently resides in Triangle, VA.

Cherie also has a bookkeeping business, CLS Bookkeeping & Accounting LLC, and is a distributor for Bye Bye Belly.

"BOSS: A woman who prays, slays, makes her own money, minds her own business, does her best, and trusts GOD for the rest."

What We Do

Provide guidance, mentorship, and assist with building business contacts

Connect you with opportunities in partnering with other like minded women, who have similar goals as you to help grow your business

We are your support group. We are here to hold you accountable in reaching your business and personal goals